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Copyright (c) 2001 Mauro Serão Filho

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Note : Suggestions are welcome. So, correct my english :). Thanks...


This is a ambitious project. I  intend to create a framework called TheDock that provide a space for development applications using TCL/TK through the internet and to publish it. The end users will be able to access these applications using TheDock. TheDock have accesses controller using a database where are registered the users and other objects  involved with the project.
I intend use :
tclhttpd To provide the server side.
SOAP To provide the rpc. It works in the server and client sides.
tkHTML To provide the basis for the GUI. First I try to use the tcl plug-in for Netscape and I.E. But I.E. have problems with them and the plug-in work with the tcl and tk version 8.0.
Itcl To provide OOP.
BLT To provide a package with widgets.
Metakit To store objects.

I finished the development of the package that store the objects ( db ) and other package that control the user access over each object into the package ( dbUse ). This last package are under development.

    Topics about TheDock - Planning

The next topics are the planning about how I am viewing the project ( topics under construction).